2-4 Weeks

Your baby is very much an individual and will be different from every other baby. He or she will develop in his or her own way. Comparing your baby with others is not very helpful and may cause you unnecessary worry. Your baby’s provider can best determine how your baby is developing. At this age, your baby primarily needs to be fed and kept warm and comfortable. You cannot spoil your baby in the first few months. Responding promptly to crying will help your baby feel secure and decrease clingy behavior in the future. It is important to cuddle and talk to your baby.

As the parent of an infant, it’s important to take time for yourself. If you are feeling depressed, please talk to your healthcare provider. Help is available and recommended for your sake as well as your baby’s sake.


No immunizations will be given today. The first set of immunizations is typically given at 2 months of age.


Breast milk or formula is the sole source of nutrition for your infant. If you are a breastfeeding mom continue drinking plenty of water, taking prenatal vitamins, and eating a well-balanced diet. At this age, formula fed babies should be drinking approximately 2-3 oz per pound of body weight per day. Remember NEVER microwave bottles and DO NOT PROP BOTTLES as this is a risk for choking and feeding is an important time for bonding.



  • For more information about car seat installation and use: www.seatcheck.org or call 866-SEATCHECK.

  • Do not leave baby unattended on a changing table, bed, sofa, etc. Your baby may fall off.

  • Remember to place your baby on his or her BACK WHEN SLEEPING.

  • Do not place anything (including Q-tips) in your baby’s ears. Earwax is normal and there is no need to remove it.

  • Be sure smoke detectors are working properly.

  • Keep your hot water heater set at or under 120 degrees to prevent burns.

  • Your baby is too young for sunscreen so limit sun exposure and use visors, shade and protective clothing.

  • Babies’ immune systems are still developing, so keep your baby out of crowds and wash your hands frequently.

  • Cigarette chemicals are dangerous to babies. Smokers must change shirts & wash hands before holding your baby.

  • Shaking babies can cause brain damage and death, so never allow anyone to shake or hit your baby.




We encourage tummy time while awake to promote physical development.


  • usually keeps head to one side when lying down

  • startles readily, has jerky movements


We encourage holding, talking to, playing with and smiling at your baby to promote social development.

  • eyes do not focus well but may start to follow people

  • enjoys being held, rocked, talked to, sung to with nursery rhymes

  • starting to smile


We encourage talking & reading to your baby and discourage pacifier use while your baby’s awake & calm.

  • crying is the primary form of communication and usually indicates hunger, discomfort or a need to be held


Next appointment is at 2 months of age!


Remember to get the second newborn screen done.

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